Playing The Odds In Life

Michael L. Jenkins

Michael L. Jenkins

Hi my name is Michael L. Jenkins and I am a sport betting enthusiast. I write articles and review products and services related to Sports Betting Systems and Sports Book's. Please see my blog at Sport Betting Store for more great information on sports betting.
Michael L. Jenkins

Money will help with that, but it is a lesser goal, and only important to the extent to which it helps promote the primary goal.

The “numbers” in such “life calculations” as these are guesses, and not even very educated ones, so probabilitism isn’t ready to be a systematic tool for decision making. To be a lawyer, you would have to go through years of schooling that you don’t enjoy, and work hard to pay for it, but you enjoy the work of writing, and can start with very little money.

In the last round of betting, you have three kings. The idea, then, is to play the odds, but not just the odds of success. But some choose to go for the business route anyhow, because even if it requires failing several times, the potential “jackpot” is far larger, both in terms of money and personal satisfaction and freedom. For deep thoughts, inventions, new product ideas, business ideas, story ideas, political and economic theories, and a free course on How To Have New Ideas, visit :

Actually, you have to go beyond the odds of winning the hand, which are merely “event-odds.” The odds of a specific event occurring (your hand winning) aren’t enough information. You estimate that you have a 1-in-5 probability of winning if you stay to the end. Essentially, this is the idea of investment odds operating at an intuitive or unconscious level.

Using Probabilitism

Probabilitism? I just invented the word to describe an ideology of living life according to the odds, or more specifically, making decisions according to them. The bet is $40 to you. You also need to take into account the “bet” or investment (time, stress, reputation, money, work) and the amount of the reward or “pot” (profits, pleasure, ability to help others, peace of mind, satisfaction,). You must be the one to decide what “numbers” to plug into a formula like this.

From that intuitive part of the process, probabilitism extracts the general idea of making choices based on the probabilities of them giving us the most of what we value. Many people, for example, face a decision like whether to go get a job or to start a business. Should you stay?

Now you look at each possible choice. In terms of making money next year, the odds are much better with the job of course, and people know that. Life, after all, is all about making decisions, and we need some guide for making better ones.

Is it better for you to be a lawyer or a novelist? Can you make this decision rationally? In poker there is one clear goal – making money. No one can understand better than you what you value and how you value it, or even how capable you are in a given area. Your investment odds are above 1 (above 100% return according to the odds), meaning this is a good bet, the kind you’ll win with over time. In the rest of life there are many goals and values, so you have to recognize the most important one in this case. Now to apply this to life decisions.

Naturally, these various factors, from how much you enjoy the process, to how probable success is, are individual. If, for whatever reason, the odds of him being a star are low enough, and he could be content inheriting his father’s business, choosing the latter would be the right decision. For example, when a man isn’t sure whether to start a business or keep his job, his intuition may at some point urge him to go for the business, because it has a higher probability of rewarding him according to what he values. The chance of success is lower, but if you do succeed, you’ll have much more satisfaction n your life. The reward or “pot” in this case, is potentially much higher in the case of being a novelist. The odds of being a successful writer are far lower, and you think you could be satisfied with either career, so you figure the probability of being happy as a lawyer is slightly better.

Throw Away The Numbers. This amount divided by your expected $40 bet equals 1.25. If you bet with bad investment odds (below 1), you’ll eventually lose money. To make this an explicit ideology for making decisions in life, we need to understand the idea of “investment odds,” a term used by poker players.

Let’s consider this from another perspective, that of a man who would be far happier succeeding as a movie star than in business. Your investment is also lower. Researching the two professions you discover that the average novelist makes just $3,000 per year, while as a lawyer you are virtually guaranteed a decent living. However, this only eliminates some choices, leaving us with a sub-set of acceptable ones. With these many possible options, we have just the usual guides to decision and action, which include feelings, advice from others, and our general intuition about which choices are better.

You can keep the basic idea in mind as you make decisions, and let your intuition operate according to its guiding principle. This premise is sound, but our knowledge just isn’t up to task of identifying the true odds or the true value of things when it comes to an individual life and the decisions in it. Probabilitism makes it a more conscious and hopefully more effective process.

Author’s Bio:

Copyright Steve Gillman. The probability of success in the restaurant business may be 15% in general, for example, but you may be so committed and prepared that you have a 85% probability of succeeding. You might see that the highest possible level of life-satisfaction is of primary importance. This is what we already do intuitively. We all do this intuitively already. Here is the exact formula: [(Expected size of pot)(Probability of winning)] / (Your total bet from this point on).

You expect a pot of $250, which you multiply by the probability of winning (.2, also expressed as 20% or 1-in-5), to arrive at $50. You also need to take into account the amount you’ll win and the amount you’ll bet. It seems likely that many lives have been diminished by chasing after low-probability dreams when high-probability alternatives with a decent reward were there for the choosing.

The most common explicit guide to decision making is morality. How can you use this then?

Your Investment Odds

This isn’t enough information, however, because you haven’t taken into account your investment odds’s Articles in – Article Dashboard Directory | Submit Articles | Search Find Free Content

Michael L. Jenkins

Michael L. Jenkins

Hi my name is Michael L. Jenkins and I am a sport betting enthusiast. I write articles and review products and services related to Sports Betting Systems and Sports Book's. Please see my blog at Sport Betting Store for more great information on sports betting.
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Convicted match-fixer Perumal says limiting online betting only to top leagues would cut fraud

Michael L. Jenkins

Michael L. Jenkins

Hi my name is Michael L. Jenkins and I am a sport betting enthusiast. I write articles and review products and services related to Sports Betting Systems and Sports Book's. Please see my blog at Sport Betting Store for more great information on sports betting.
Michael L. Jenkins

Convicted match-fixer Wilson Raj Perumal says limiting online betting only to matches in the world’s top leagues would help cut down on fixing because those games are not as easy to manipulate.

Perumal, now living in Hungary, presented the local edition of his book “Kelong Kings,” which details his exploits and shows “to what extent football and football betting are corrupt.”

The Singapore native, whose testimony has also helped convict several of his former associates in his homeland, says he does not feel any “imminent threat” to his life.

Perumal is also the key witness for the prosecution in a Hungarian trial involving 12 defendants, including Tan Seet Eng, a Singaporean also known as Dan Tan, the alleged head of a crime syndicate suspected of rigging matches around the world.

A Recent Survey Reveals Patients’ Main Reasons For Starting An Addiction Treatment

Michael L. Jenkins

Michael L. Jenkins

Hi my name is Michael L. Jenkins and I am a sport betting enthusiast. I write articles and review products and services related to Sports Betting Systems and Sports Book's. Please see my blog at Sport Betting Store for more great information on sports betting.
Michael L. Jenkins

At a certain point, the partner wont accept the addiction anymore and will leave the relationship or marriage. As you would expect, financial problems and debt were among the main reasons to motivate gamblers to seek help. Most gamblers accumulate debt not just with credit cards and on their bank accounts, but also with family and friends where they borrowed money and obviously never pay it back. However, there are several factors that put the relationship more and more at risk: lying to the partner, trying to hide the gambling activities and the dimension of the debt problem, changes in character, tiredness, stress, anxiety, impatience etc. Usually, this happens only after a long period (often years) of suffering and after many futile efforts to help the partner overcome the addiction.

Other frequently mentioned themes were the fear of losing employment and the fear that the addiction will get stronger unless something is done against it. It needs to be considered that gamblers who start a therapy usually are not completely hopeless, yet, and often still live in a relationship or marriage. sports betting, online poker, stock market. Firstly, it guarantees anonymity, i.e. The objective was to find out why they started the treatment against the addiction. Somewhat surprising is perhaps the fact that ahead of money problems, fears of ruining and losing their relationships were the no. The survey also assessed why patients chose a self-help program instead of seeing a counselor or getting treatment in an addiction clinic. Secondly, they appreciate that they can start breaking the addiction immediately and dont have waiting time. With regards to the fear of losing the job, its important to understand that gamblers often neglect their jobs, feel tired, use lunch breaks to gamble or borrow money from colleagues. They might also be aggressive and might even start gambling on the internet while being at work, e.g. patients dont need to open up to psychotherapists or counselors who they never met before. 1 reason for starting the treatment against gambling addiction. A self help program is chosen as a treatment option for various reasons. All documents can be downloaded from the internet within a few minutes.

Lavario, one of the worlds leading suppliers of self-help programs against gambling addictions has surveyed its customers. Numerous explanations and reasons were given. The fear of the addiction getting worse is realistic. For many people with addiction problems it is scary to tell strangers about their problems and darkest secrets. Normally, problems get bigger over time and debts increase.

Casino-Gaming :: Nintendo Wii Console Still Selling Fast

Michael L. Jenkins

Michael L. Jenkins

Hi my name is Michael L. Jenkins and I am a sport betting enthusiast. I write articles and review products and services related to Sports Betting Systems and Sports Book's. Please see my blog at Sport Betting Store for more great information on sports betting.
Michael L. Jenkins

The controller is like a stick that can be waved, poked, and jabbed at the screen to make your character move on the screen. There are plenty of places to buy at great prices, including retail stores and online. If you’re looking for a fun game platform, the Nintendo Wii console is perfect for all ages, and all levels of player.

Some of the features that are making the Wii console a favorite are the ease of use, the variety of games, and its online capabilities. The games that are available for Wii include games for young kids like Mario Party 8, all the way up to games that appeal to teen and adult gamers. There are multiple Wii channels where games can use Wii points to purchase and download games, some of them old Nintendo classics like Super Mario, and other new games that are part of their new service WiiWare. . Along with the WiiMote, an additional plug-in controller is the nunchuk, which adds a dimension of control over action on the screen.

The Nintendo Wii console is still after nearly two years the most popular-selling gaming console on the market. This remote makes games easy to play even for the youngest or oldest players.

Wii is fun for all ages. Here’s a quick description of some of the key features.

The unique nunchuk controller. While hard-core gamers argue that the Wii doesn’t have graphics to match other game consoles, Nintendo has made a bet that’s paying off, that there are plenty of players out there who just want to have fun!

Access tons of online features and game downloads. One key difference about the Wii console is that it costs less than other game platforms. Certain games use the nunchuk to expand the range of motion, for characters.

The “WiiMote” controller. The controller for the Wii is the key to play for this console. Everyone loves to play – it appeals not just to serious gamers but the a bigger segment of the general public, so the Wii console has become a favorite.

It’s affordable

Vikram Kumar’s Articles – Article Dashboard Directory | Submit Articles | Search Find Free Content

Michael L. Jenkins

Michael L. Jenkins

Hi my name is Michael L. Jenkins and I am a sport betting enthusiast. I write articles and review products and services related to Sports Betting Systems and Sports Book's. Please see my blog at Sport Betting Store for more great information on sports betting.
Michael L. Jenkins

Since it started it became a very popular tournament. Narguil Electronique Grossiste is the best alternative for real cigarettes because it can give them the satisfaction that a real cigarette can giveE-Cigarette for Men & Women

The advent of technology these days badly affect the way men and women think more so with womenNarguil Electronique from an Online Shop

If you are tired of going out of the house even in the middle of the night just to look for a cigarette, well you can shop at any online stores where you can find vast options of cigarettes for your needsThe Essence of Live Football Stream

High speed satellite internet is one of the best choices of people these days that are not in the same area where the sports events are held most of the timeImportant Things You Should Know about Free Football Streaming

A lot of people would like to know whats happening around them even if they are at the office or at homeFree Football Streaming to Save Money

If you want to watch free football streaming online, then there are lots of choices for you once you go online&laquo[77][78][79][80][81][82][83][84][85][86][87]&raquo

Join Our Community. Today busy and working people can also play casino within the comfort if their own homeBest Online Casino Europe: Poker Secrets You Should Know

Poker is a classic card game that may involve real money. Through the years, it has enjoyed its popularity, making way for world renowned tournaments that produce world champions and millionairesOnline Casino Games: Poker Secrets Revealed

Many gamblers are addicted to poker, because it is a very challenging game. Blogs like these are legitimate and they are also approved by the governmentThe Best Online Casino offers Squirrel Slots Strategy?

Strategies for slot machine games are named after different kinds of animals. They are named after animals as they represent the movement of players as they try their luck in different slot machinesStraight Slots Offer 24 Hour Online Casino

Casinos nowadays are usually flooded by various games; some of those games are very much similar to those that can be found at land based casinosBest Online Casino UK: Applying for Participation in Slots Tournaments

Slots tournaments are very popular, because of the excitement they bring. Players are enticed to join these competitions for both prestige and prizesInformation about World Series of Slots

World Series of slots is an online slot tournament that has started during 2008. With electronic cigarettes on the rise, they have many choices other than the harmful tobacco cigarCigarette Electronique France Offer Healthier Life

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Window coverings come in varieties that are why a lot of people choose to have blinds and shades for their homesHow to Choose Safe Casino Slots Website

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Casino Slots UK is one of the most favorite casino games in an online and in land based casinos. Most of them share common myths and misconceptionsCigarette Electronique Help in Making Smokers Healthy

Who says smoking without nicotine is not the same as real cigarette? Smoking using Cigarette Electronique is just the same feel and sensation like a real cigarette.How Electronic Cigarette Review Helps

Smokers today have an option to go electronic on their favorite habit. Unlike other online casino gamesOnline Casino Slots: Different Techniques in Online Casinos

If you are gambler or you love casino games like online casino slots, there is a plethora of websites for gambling that you can use. There are huge number of casinos available online is it is important for one know which one is safe and which one is notPlay Casino Games Online and save Money

Gambling is a fun and exciting way to release stress unwind and earn money as well, but unfortunately there are very few casino places where players can gather and have a good gameFind Which Online Casino is the Best

Internet technology has played a major role in the introduction of online casino games all over the world. Site Information

Article Dashboard Authors

Vikram Kumar’s Articles

Online Casino Games and Sports Betting

If you want to play for online sports betting, then it requires careful research to find out the best website that can offer privacy as well as confidentialityGamble at Online Casino Games

When you talk about online casino games, then you might also hear the words virtual casino. Playing the best online Casino in UK is all about luck and game of chance, because no one knows when you will hit the winning jackpotLucky Online Casino Slots UK Charms

Avid players of online casino games all have their own beliefs about winning

Betting Games to Play During NFL Draft

Michael L. Jenkins

Michael L. Jenkins

Hi my name is Michael L. Jenkins and I am a sport betting enthusiast. I write articles and review products and services related to Sports Betting Systems and Sports Book's. Please see my blog at Sport Betting Store for more great information on sports betting.
Michael L. Jenkins

Each and every pick, each person must choose 1 player they believe will be drafted at that pick, and it cannot be the same player anyone else has chosen (aka they must all be unique). For this game, each person should make a mock draft of the first round (picks 1-32) and bet $10. At this point, no more money is bet. Game 2: Prop Bets

With this game, brainstorming the bets and categories is almost as much fun as choosing the bets and watching them unfold live.

For each pick in the draft, tape 1 name below each bowl, to give a total of 5 names for each and every pick.

Before each pick, each person in the room places $1 in the bowl of the player they think will be drafted.

The person who correctly guesses the drafted player wins all the money in the bowls.

What About Trades?

If a pick is traded, everyone may remove their dollar bet and, after the bowls are re-labeled (if necessary), change their bet to a new player.

What About Ties?

If 2 or more people select the same player and are correct, all of the money goes into a specially labeled side pot. Score the mock strictly by where the player is drafted with no regards to team using the following system:

Correct player in exact spot = 5 points

Correct player 1 spot off (+/-) = 3 points

Correct player 2 spots off (+/-) = 2 points

Correct player 3 spots off (+/-) = 1 point

Game 4: Your Big Board (non-betting)

This is not a betting game, but rather an exercise that allows you to better understand the draft’s depth and players.

Before the draft, create a printout, posterboard, or individual cards with approximately 75-100 of the draft’s top players arranged from top to bottom according to your preferences and team needs, as if you were the general manager. Aside from food, friends, and beverages, there’s no better way to increase the fun had during the NFL draft than by placing small bets with your friends. For example: “Which will be higher: Number of Linebackers drafted in round 1, or number of players selected from Florida colleges in round 1?”

Wide Receivers drafted in round 1 OR Pick number at which first Wide Receiver is


The number of the first pick traded OR the number at which the first Running Back is selected.

Number of trades in the top 10 picks of round 1 OR number of trades in the bottom 10 picks of round 1.

University of Florida players drafted in round 1 OR Pac 10 players drafted in

round 1.

Game 3: Mock Drafts

Mock drafts are getting more and more popular and easier to do all the time with sites like ESPN and providing tools to create mock drafts. The premise is simple: given 2 scenarios which will result in a number, which scenario will produce a larger number. There may be several side-pots at any given point.

What if Nobody is Correct?

If nobody puts money in the bowl of the correct player, all of that money goes into a general pot, and the next person to correctly guess a player gets that money in addition their other winnings.

What if there is still money in the pot after round 1 ends?

If the day or round ends and there’s still money left to be won, the game goes to “overtime”. The first person to get a pick correct gets all the money.Notes

Each and every year the NFL draft is becoming more and more popular and is becoming a holiday of sorts for NFL and football fans. The mocks will then be scored and the money distributed in a way agreed upon (aka winner 75%, 2nd place 25%). Some watch it to see where their favorite college players get drafted, some watch the draft for the drama and trades, and many watch it to see which players their favorite team will be building its future around.

For the first 10 picks of the draft, it is often more fun to have the 5th bowl labeled as “Rest of Field” instead of an actual player name. This is a fun exercise when your team is drafted, as you can see who you would pick at this point and can watch players literally “come off the board”.

Creating between 10 and 20 of these questions and putting $1 down for each is a fun and creative way to think about the draft. Here are some more sample prop bets:

On a fireplace, hutch, or other surface near the TV, place 5 bowls. This represents any player who is not a label on the other 4 bowls.

Because it can be kind of hectic labeling the bowls in between picks, it’s recommended that you rotate labeling responsibilities every 5 picks, so everyone has time to enjoy the draft.

It’s also recommended to find a list of the top 50 players in the draft and use that to pre-create some labels, so you don’t have to write down names during the draft.

To deter any cheating or foul play, it’s best if all bets are placed as soon as possible, that all contestants stay off of Twitter, and that no bets may be changed after a certain time (like less than 2 minutes left on clock).

Game 1: Betting Bowls

With the NFL draft having moved to prime time in 2010, it’s now easier than ever to watch the draft and throw parties on draft day 1 (and beyond). Of those people, the next person to win gets all the money in the bowls and all the relevant pots. Doing any or all of the following games or activities is a great way to stay invested in each and every pick and keep the energy level high.

Important advantages of one day sports betting

Michael L. Jenkins

Michael L. Jenkins

Hi my name is Michael L. Jenkins and I am a sport betting enthusiast. I write articles and review products and services related to Sports Betting Systems and Sports Book's. Please see my blog at Sport Betting Store for more great information on sports betting.
Michael L. Jenkins

You dont need to worry to get started in such activities as this is very simple as well as safe. Accordingly for making you careful in this field of betting there are also some warnings of possible pitfalls regarding this type of fantasy sport given below so that you become a successful winner of your sports book betting performance.

As you will have the facility to get in touch with the fantasy sport throughout the day, you can make your first step in any moment according to your decision and motivation. Any type of your personal data will remain confidential in this matter.

Certain payment system:

Facility to have bonuses:

No fear to make the first step in sports book betting:

Various lines of betting, better option to win more and more:

The main facility as well as advantage you can get from this type of fantasy sport is that you can make your gambling process running day in and day out that is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to its great popularity now a days internet world have come out with various opportunities to make the right and best use of this one day sports betting.

Gambling facility in day in and day out:

Now you can have that much of confidence that you will get paid certainly which was rare in the past. Have a surfing over that very betting lines, add them to your gambling options and that can make your win more than before as more online sports book you add the more you will have the opportunity to get a better line option. There are always various options of better lines of betting available in the internet. You have to make a clear concept about that. Choose any fantasy sport option in internet and then start by a single click. In this field bonus specially cash bonuses stand for deposit bonuses for initially and redeposit bonuses. Once you can win but next time you may not. Be aware of the poor lines of betting unless you will lose money with no profit.

Betting is something that once you win doesnt make any effect to your next betting. So whenever you need to start your betting you can start it just by a single click and your computer screen will show your way.. With no doubt you can send money to your any betting line as the sportsbook are now licensed and regulated strongly.

There is vast field of its advantages and if you go through that fantasy sports advantages which is going to be discussed in this page you will definitely find it very beneficial for making money as well as for your entertainment at the same time in the same process of one day sports betting. One day sports betting has become a popular way to earn a huge amount of money. That is free money of course and if you make your win in your 1st bet all the time, which would be the best bonus you can get through this type of gambling process – just read any fanduel review online to get information about bonuses and prizes.

There are a large number people who enjoy one day sports betting. But only thing about one day sports betting is that it should be legal in any circumstances

Sports & Recreations :: Casino-Gaming Articles

Michael L. Jenkins

Michael L. Jenkins

Hi my name is Michael L. Jenkins and I am a sport betting enthusiast. I write articles and review products and services related to Sports Betting Systems and Sports Book's. Please see my blog at Sport Betting Store for more great information on sports betting.
Michael L. Jenkins

although, one can expect Chelsea to beat Liverpool at home. | Next

. mind when betting roulette. offensive players scheduled to play against bad defensive teams. Jenkins” you might find yourself dressed in neon pink, with a gigantic spoon as a weapon while you spam your victims with “say my name bitch”.

Best Casino Games Principles By Alex Slepoy

Wagering can be a enjoyable and fun regular activity for some. will light therefore the dealer will proceed on paying of the victors to the round. Roulette odds clearly define …. When searching for great price per head bookmaking software, it’s always important to look for quality service rather than the lowest price.

Compare bookie software prices and fees By Tony Castillo

Don’t make the common mistake to let the “pay per head” fee be the only factor when choosing your next bookie software provider. If Liverpool lose and United win this weekend, all the places in the top four would be sealed.

How to become a famous World of Warcraft player By Jordan Turner

In a game with 9 million subscribers one may think it is impossible to stand out from the crowd or to be recognized for some unique talent, whether for …. 34; According to Bet365, Manchester United are 6/4 to pick up all three points, while they are offering 23/10 in case of a draw. This will give you a significant advantage and should lead to increased profits.

Advantages and disadvantages of playing video games By Rahul Xarma

Complex, challenging, and ambitious, video games have come a long way since the simple arcade titles of the 1970sand evidence is mounting that the benefits …. represent a real hit in the future?. Making it …. For even net casinos …. Furthermore, it really is exciting to win and opportunity on big pot cash any time you spin the reels.

Rules and game playing of Sic Bo By Alex Slepoy

The standard bet on Sic Bo equals “Dice Pair”, is often a Chinese game utilizing 3 dice bits. This Premier League title will be Mourinhos eighth league …. mind and figuring out what he or she likes and doesn’t like to do. There are many casino games to take into account when you have the time and budget, check out additional options like slots, roulette or anything else.

Policies on Enjoying Slots Games On line By Alex Slepoy

Slots Game Online Types Let’s just express that you can’t call an e-casino complete without one little bit of video slot. Manchester United play host to the reigning English champions at Old Trafford …. The myth goes that they sold their soul to the devil to know the …. will fit the player whatever the times of year are. And till the time people continue to gamble roulette will remain the game of choice worldwide.

Roulette Odds and Betting By Simon Kettle

Everyone goes gaga over the roulette wheel and the roulette table but the sensible players always lay stress on roulette odds. Understanding the odds is something one has to do first because this is basic as far as the game of roulette is concerned.

The best way to Play Fantasy Football for Novice By Leon Edward

Playing fantasy football, whether for fun or real money, is a great way to enjoy one of America’s favorite sports, professional football. getting. extremely active! 5.The hardware and software together are quite expensive, which can be a challenge when balancing what you want to spend your money on.

Advantages and features of Pay Per Head Services By Peter Penske

MAIN ADVANTAGES OF PAY PER HEAD SOFTWARE There are many different advantages of utilizing pay per head services for modern bookmaking software. You should read weather reports and try to avoid players who might be playing in rain or snow.

Play your opponent accordingly By Yosi Mizrahi

The next time you sit down at a poker table, you need to remember that every player sitting around that table has different tendencies. Playing any casino game, dont you can forget accountable gambling.

Basic Information Regarding Blackjack By Alex Slepoy

Black jack Tutorial Ever in your life played Black jack? That is considered a counting game where every cards are given their appropriate numeric value …. A City win is 15/8.

Chelsea are the new Premier League champions By Mikel Pole

The Blues have clinched their fifth English league title after a 1 0 win over Crystal Palace. Perhaps …. For instance, Paul …. The table the location where the game is place is …. find the most number of gamblers around the roulette table. All these steps when looking forward your next bookie software provider will help you to take the best decision possible.

Big Match Preview: The Manchester Derby By Mikel Pole

Mark your calendars for one of the biggest matches of the Premier League season.

Casino-Gaming Articles

Home Sports & Recreations Casino-GamingDown Memory Lane with Roulette By Simon Kettle

Many people credit the brothers Louis and Francois Blanc as the inventors of roulette. As a beginner …. a game of twenty-one is usually a fun and challenging game which gives the pleasure to challenge your house and obtain the opportunity on earning huge.

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Articles 1 – 15 :: Prev | 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 .. The luck may not be on your side constantly however, there is real fun in playing casino …

Sportsbooks Add Elections – To Sports Betting Lines Menus by Luken Karel

Michael L. Jenkins

Michael L. Jenkins

Hi my name is Michael L. Jenkins and I am a sport betting enthusiast. I write articles and review products and services related to Sports Betting Systems and Sports Book's. Please see my blog at Sport Betting Store for more great information on sports betting.
Michael L. Jenkins

While its looking increasingly likely that Democrats will hold all their seats (New Jersey is a problem), as well as pick up seats in Montana, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Rhode Island, getting to six will be difficult. Bush had been re-elected President of the United States in 2004 that sportsbooks began posting betting lines on who would win a four-year lease on the Oval Office in 2008.

John McCain, the Arizona Senator, and Hilary Clinton, the Senator from New York, remain the frontrunners for the Republican and Democratic parties, respectively. The Senate, where Democrats need six seats to regain a majority, is another matter. What it all means is while some citizens will cast their votes at the ballot box, others will express their opinions with cold hard cash.

An index wager might look like this:

Clinton has the opposite problem. That would be a formidable foe in the general election but, ironically, that same independent streak-he strayed from conservative orthodoxy on judges, taxes and gay rights–could hurt him in the GOP nomination process where Evangelical Christians and conservative activists, groups less than enamored with his stance on those issues, are a formidable voting block, particularly in the primaries.

Many sportsbooks have a betting line on whether the Democrats will gain control of the Senate (No still is favored over Yes) while some enterprising wagering outlets have betting lines on many of the individual races. The practices gained attention in 1948 when legendary oddsmaker and gambler Jimmy The Greek Snyder predicted that heavy underdog Harry S. There are three (possibly four) more opportunities.

Claire McCaskill (D) is running neck-and-neck with Senator Jim Talent (R) in Missouri, where stem cell research (she supports it, he doesnt) is a big issue while Harold Ford (D) is trying to prove that an African American can win in Tennessee, where Bob Corker is trying to hold the seat for Republicans.

Truman did prevail at the ballot box, famously holding up a newspaper whose headline erroneously proclaimed Dewey the winner.

In addition to races for the Presidency, the Senate and the House, some sportsbooks also have betting lines on several Governor contests. Others still offer index wagering on how many Senate seats the Democrats will gain.

At least thats the way the story goes.

That said, most betting lines still favor a McCain-Clinton showdown in 2008, although juicy, double-digit prices abound for other hopefuls such as former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani (R), Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (R), former Vice President Al Gore (D), Indiana Senator Evan Bayh (D), Massachusetts Senator John Kerry (D), former North Carolina Senator John Edwards (D), Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (R), retired General Wesley Clark (D) and Illinois Senator Barack Obama (D).

A series of gaffes have made Senator George Allen (R) vulnerable to the challenge of former Secretary of the Navy Jim Webb (D) in Virginia while in Arizona, Jim Pederson (D) is attempting to come from behind to beat Senator John Kyl (R), the author of the recently passed ban on Internet wagering.

Posting betting lines and/or betting on the outcome of presidential elections are not new. With an unpopular war in Iraq, low approval numbers for President Bush, and a series of scandals plaguing the Republican Party, most books have the Democrats favored to take over the House. . Democrats need to pick up 15 seats to wrest control of the 435-seat body from Republicans for the first time since 1994. While the former First Lady is wildly popular in Democratic circles and, should she decide to run, would be difficult to beat for the partys nomination, remains a polarizing figure and could have difficulty winning a general election where many already have a fixed, negative opinion of her.

Snyder based his prediction on the fact that Dewey wore a mustache and his belief that women would find that the facial hair made Dewey look sneaky.


3-4 2/1

exactly 5 8/5

6 or more 7/5

Recognizing that the 2008 election may be a bit too distant for most bettors, many sportsbooks have posted betting lines in this years midterm election, Nov. Truman, who had been elevated to the presidency when Franklin Delano Roosevelt died in 1945, would beat GOP standard-bearer and heavy favorite James Dewey, the Governor of New York.

How many Senate seats will the Democrats gain in the 2006 election?

The most prominent betting line asks bettors to wager whether the Democrats will regain control of the House of Representatives. 7.

It was just hours after George W. McCain, because of his maverick nature, has appeal with moderates, swing voters and conservative Democrats